The Great Shasta Rail Trail

A scenic multi-use 80 mile trail

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    Boosting Local Economies

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    Featuring Local Heritage and Culture

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    Linking Nearby Recreation

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    People Working Together

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The Great Shasta Rail Trail, at full build-out, will link the California towns of McCloud and Burney and nearby recreation areas along an 80-mile scenic trail featuring local heritage and culture, close connections to nature, and boosting the economic and social vitality of local communities.

The Project

The Great Shasta Rail Trail Association is working to develop 80 miles of rail-trail in Northern California between McCloud and Burney. The goals of this project are:

  • Provide year around recreation opportunities for hikers, bicyclists, equestrians, skiers, and other non-motorized uses
  • Promote awareness, appreciation, and protection of natural, scenic, cultural, and historic resources and promote community involvement in their protection and care
  • Incorporate trail designs that mimic the natural, historic, and cultural environment along the trail and promote local stewardship
  • Feature a well-maintained primary trail within the railroad right-of-way
  • Incorporate safe and easy access from local communities and connections to nearby major recreation areas on adjacent public land
  • Promote healthy lifestyles through exercise, interpretation and education, and trail stewardship activities
  • Stimulate local recreation that can boost economic opportunities linked to the uniqueness of the area - its environment, culture, heritage, people, and history.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson