Trail Map

Trail Access Points Identified

We recently published an updated map of the trail, showing the 40 miles that are now available for non-motorized recreation.  Check out the map below and use the Download Map button to get your own map.  Primary access points are shown on the map as TH. You are invited to enjoy non-motorized recreation on the trail.

Easy access points are:

From McCloud (at Broadway) –

  1. At Pilgrim Creek Road – proceed 3 miles east on highway 89, turn left onto Pilgrim Creek Road (paved) and proceed 1 mile.  There is space for off-road parking.
  2. At Esperanza Road – proceed 4.8 miles east on highway 89, turn left onto Esperanza Road (dirt road) and proceed 1 mile.  There is off-road parking area available.
  3. At Military Pass Road – proceed 9.9 miles east on highway 89, turn left onto Forest Service road 43N19 (a narrow dirt road).  (It’s just opposite the McCloud River loop road).  Proceed .3 miles from Highway 89.  Few parking opportunities – could be a drop off point for users.
  4. At Sheepheaven Road – proceed 13.7 miles east on highway 89, turn left onto Forest Service Road 40N11.  It’s a dirt road just opposite CalTrans’ barn.  There is limited parking.
  5. At Harris Spring Road (paved) – proceed 17 miles east on highway 89, turn left onto Harris Spring Road (toward Medicine Lake).  Proceed .3 miles to trail on this paved road.  There is a “wye” in the trail east of this point.  North trail goes for 12.2 miles to Hambone.  South trail goes for 4.4 miles to Bartle Gap road 39N05, crossing highway 89 in route. Turn left at the trailhead onto the Bartle Gap Road (FS 39N05), go 1.68 miles to Highway 89 and turn left to return to the Harris Spring Road.  (Trail beyond the Bartle Gap Road is closed at this time, awaiting bridge repairs and repairs to flood damage from the February 2017 storm events.)
  6. At Forest Service Road 42N04 – proceed 4.3 miles on Harris Spring Road, turn right on highway 49, travel .6 miles and turn right on Forest Service Road 42N04 toward Bear Mountain Look Out (dirt road).  It’s just .1 mile to trail.

From Burney:

From Highway 299, near Burney’s east end, turn onto Black Ranch Road.  Drive 2.4 miles to the trail entrance on right, just past Vedder Road.  Trail section on left closed due to unsafe bridge.

Trail users may wish to make plans with friends to be dropped off and picked up at the various access points, depending on the length of trip desired.

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